New Year, New Challenges

This year I have challenged myself to move forward within my Textile art.

Working from home has been great but there are many times when I feel isolated and unaware of other avenues I can take within my art. There becomes a time when you feel that you need to network and share ideas within the art community; but how to do that is daunting.

I love working within the community, sharing my knowledge, passion and skills within the massive diverse world of textiles, this is what I thrive on. I enjoy working with community craft groups, Embroiderers Guilds and small groups, anyone who has been to one of my talks or demonstrations will know how much I love to share my enthusiasm for Textile Art.

Here is how my new year is going so far……….

Be Creative with Workbox Magazine

I am absolutely thrilled to be featured in the next issue of Be Creative with Workbox Magazine for the next couple of issues.

My first article is a feature called ‘:Creative Blogger’ and is in issue 184 on sale January 15th

The magazine have a great special offer for all my followers. Subscribe for only £12.49 for 3 months and get the current issue (including my article) for FREE! Here is the link

MBC Art Wellbeing CIC

At the turn of the year I applied to join the network of artists within MBC Art Welfare artist studios based in Sunderland. This week I received the keys to my own art space through MBC Art Wellbeing and Norfolk Street Studios in Sunderland City Centre. This is a very exciting opportunity but also quite scary as I am totally moving out of my comfort zone. I am keen to plan my year and set targets for developing my business in many different directions. I will do my best to keep you up to date with my progress over the next year.

This week I must concentrate on setting up my workspace and I have my first mentoring meeting with Norfolk Street Studios to determine my mission statement. I am keen to demonstrate how textile art can help with wellbeing, my journey has shown me how art can support and guide individuals. As I said earlier, I am also keen to share my skills with others within the community and hopefully, with a bit of hard work and determination, this could be my gateway to encouraging others to share my passion for Textiles.

Spring Quilt Festival, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate 21 Feb to 23 Feb 2020

I will be taking part in the Quilt Festival in Harrogate in February alongside Carol from Just Quilting. This is another exciting project.

I am really looking forward to working this show, it has been a while since I took part in something this large and I am looking forward to showcasing my hand painted yarns.

Exhibitions & Workshops

Throughout April 2020 I will launch a new exhibition at Allendale Forge Studios. (I need to pull buy finger out and get working in my new workspace :))

To go alongside this exhibition I will be running two workshops at Allendale, These will be on April 22nd and 24th. I will post more information in the next couple of weeks

At the end of the month I will be working with Hilary at High Street Quilting in Birtley and delivering a workshop on Saturday 25th January. I am really looking forward to working in this delightful shop, the workspace is fantastic.

I have a couple of workshops that I am hosting in my house. These were going to be held at the Creative Artists Studios at Vallum Farm but unfortunately this business is closing and I was therefore without a venue so I have decided to run these from home in Cramlington. The dates for these are:

Layered Textile Surfaces Workshop on Wednesday 4th March 2020 from 10am – 3pm

Creative Weaving with Texture Workshop on Wednesday 26th February 2020 from 10am – 3pm

if you are interested in joining me please contact me

One day at a time – this is my mantra for 2020 – so far so good 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Challenges”

  1. Wow good luck Kate. I will be following. I did a fused glass workshop at MBC just before Xmas.

    I’m hoping some of the workshops are on Saturday. I work full time but would love to attend

    All the best. You’ll do great your work is amazing and I love the art of learning to make things myself. You are an inspiration



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