Losses & Gains

Packs of handmade cards

I seem to have had a series of losing things this week. This all began when I lost my reading glasses. These disappeared whilst I was packing kits, it took me three days to find them, they had fallen into one of my boxes that had subsequently been put away. It required retracing my actions to find the culprit box but eventually I found them. However in this process I was extremely distracted with other boxes that I also found some threads that I had misplaced a few weeks ago 🙂

As an artist you face rejections from applications for opportunities to display work in galleries, art fairs and exhibitions. As these applications are based on your own work, which this is often your own personal interpretation, it can often feel like a very personal rejection. This week I received news that I had lost an application for an artists studio 🙁 I was devastated with this, however I have learned that I am now ready to grow as an artist and develop my work – II will keep looking…

The same day I received the draft copy of an article that will appear in the next issue. of Be Creative by Workbox magazine. This is an article about my blogging and my art, this was just what I needed to lift my spirits. I am really excited about appearing in this magazine and can’t wait to share this with you all soon…….

There are losses and gains within life and however frustrating losses may be; like losing my glasses, or upsetting they may by; like losing an opportunity, there are always gains; like finding missing threads or receiving an uplifting email with a brilliant article 🙂

Pixie’s 1st Christmas

So as I approach the Christmas break and a New Year I will reflect on how rejection made me feel this week and turn this into a positive determination for success in the next year. With this I will leave you with a photograph of my 15 week old puppy. All week I have put off putting my Christmas tree up with the fear that baubles would make excellent toys but so far so good so things are never as bad as you can imagine.

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