Pieces of My Life Exhibition

Throughout February 2018 I have my first solo exhibition, ‘Pieces of My Life’, at Allendale Forge Gallery.  I am also going to be running a series of workshops alongside my exhibition to teach some of the techniques I use within my textile art.

Within the ‘Pieces of My Life’ collection is an interpretation of challenges one faces when diagnosed with a chronic illness, it is a journey of this life, fighting through to survival. This work is created from small pieces of fabric and mixed media, these are layered and stitched together in different ways; these represent how one must rebuild their life once diagnosed with a chronic illness.  There is a strong sepia tone throughout this collection, this muted palette epitomises the anxiety and emotions that are associated with diagnosis, colour is used within this collection to symbolise survival.  The collection is hung from drift wood, often with a chronic illness you can feel as though you are being carried along by the tide and have no control.  Words have been used throughout in different media to show emotions, struggles and hope

Within my exhibition i will also be showing a collection of work that is inspired by flowers.  The splendour and beauty of wild flowers are my passion, I photograph the colours, patterns and textures, these are used to inform my textiles. The exploration of colour and texture is further developed through dyeing fabrics, threads and textured yarns, I combine colours using variegated dyeing techniques. French knots are my favourite way of adding texture within hand embroidery and are incorporated into many pieces of my work. Fragments of fabric and mixed media create the foundations for my embroidery; hand dyed fabrics are used to create the textures and hand dyed threads are embroidered into my work to add definition using both machine and hand embroidery. The heart of my work is created from very small pieces that are joined together to create a rugged background texture, this represents how our lives are crammed with many things that we should bring together to enhance the quality of life.

I will be running three workshops in February alongside my exhibition.  These are all suitable for all abilities.

Textile Workshops at Allendale Forge, February 2018
Creative Hand Embroidery Workshop – please note there is an error on this leaflet – the workshop is SATURDAY 10th February 
Mini Art Quilt Workshop
Layered Textile Surfaces Workshop


For more information on any of these workshops please contact me
















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