Out of the Blue

I have been working on some new designs for my Flowers from Fragments range.  I have been working with a beautiful rough linen fabric that has created a fantastic textured background fabric which complements the mixed media.

Music, maps, paper, lace, scrim, organza and chiffon are used in the background of the machine appliquéd and embroidered flowers.

Out of the blue the first piece was inspired by a piece of remnant silk fabric that was patterned with beige and blue. The colours of this fabric worked perfectly with the lines of the map and organza layered on the background. I developed further pieces of work with this fabric. These pieces have been presented onto a further background made from tiny pieces of fabric to produce a way hanging.  When my aunt saw this work she immediately recognised the fabric as being one of her favourite blouses from many years ago 🙂 I am so pleased to be able to use waste fabric within my art to give it a new lease of life. Recycling plays an vital role within my work; we live in a world where the fashion industries creates vast quantities of waste; I strongly believe that sustainability and recycling are vital for our future and therefore within my work.

Wall hangings – Flowers from Fragments.

These have been hung onto driftwood and can be seen at the Tower House Gallery at Seaton Sluice along with more of my work.  For more details on this gallery click here