My Textile Art – Flowers from Fragments Collection


I am so excited. I have just been given the opportunity for my first exhibition as a Textile Artist in February 2018. I will keep you all up to date with this 🙂

I have been working on a collection of work entitlied ‘Flowers from Fragments’ I would like to share some of my recent work and the inspiration behind this collection.

My phone memory is filled with photographs of wild flowers.  One of my favourite things is to walk in the countryside where I photograph the wild flowers capturing their colour, pattern, shape and form.  The colours are my inspiration for my hand dyeing of fabrics, thread and yarns.  I sketch and paint the flowers to help inform my designs.

This collection of textile flower art are created on a foundation of fabric pieces and mixed media which is embellished with fabrics and fibres that are embroidered using free machine and hand embroidery.
The heart of my work is created from very small pieces that are joined together to create a rugged background texture, this represents how our lives are crammed with many things that we should bring together to enhance the quality of life.

I begin my work through creating a foundation fabric. The background fabric is built up using a range of fabric pieces including antique lace, silk, cotton, linen, scrim and handmade paper. The small fabric pieces are secured together using a doodle style free machine embroidery stitch.  The flowers are appliqued onto the fragmented fabric background with free machine embroidery and further embellished with hand embroidery using hand dyed threads.

Here is a selection of work from this collection.  Some of these are available on my etsy and folksy shops.

I now have to get working on new pieces for my exhibition.