The birth of my Keepsake Bears

Keepsake Bears by Kates Kloths have been developed over the last few months, I would like to share my journey with these and some of my bears with you,

Several months ago I was challenged to make a keepsake bear from a section of babies clothes for a family member. I worked with a few different ideas and produced a few samples before I designed a pattern that I was happy with.  The hardest part was deciding which item of clothing to use for which particular part of the bear to ensure that I incorporate features from the clothing. The photograph shows my first prototype alongside the first Keepsake Bear – Chloe Bear.

Chloe Louise Bear

The next stage was to decide on the packaging for the bear.  Each bear is wrapped in clear cellophane with a contrasting ribbon.  Chloe was delighted with her bear.

It was time to make another.


Sonny Beau Bear

This time I made a bear for my cousin and her baby boy. Within the baby clothes she gave me a  top that had a lion on the front.  She did say that this top was important as Sonny was a Leo therefore I used this for the tummy panel to make sure that it was the central focal point.

The bears are personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth.  To add the writing I have used free style machine embroidery, this technique is freestyle writing using the sewing machine which adds to the unique quality of each bear.



Over the last few months a few more bears have been added to the collection from babies clothes.

Baby White Bear
Mint Bear
Bright Bear
Daniel Bear

















My latest bear has been made from a mans shirt. Although this time the fabric for the bear was the same for all body parts I did want to incorporate details of the shirt.  Half of the pocket is on the left side of the bears tummy and the shirt collar and button placket are adapted to go around the bears neck and down his tummy.

Dad Bear

I am meticulous when it comes to matching colours and adding details therefore my attention to detail makes each bear uniquely designed.  These bears are great to make and create fantastic keepsakes for precious clothing.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or see my website to place an order.  You can also follow my bears on Facebook.  Please see links below:

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