Rusty Dandelions

Welcome to my first post on my ‘new look’ website and the relaunch of Kates Kloths.

Firstly I would like to thank my family for putting up with my frustrations as I am not the most IT literate person in the world and have turned to them for their support and advice quite a few times over the last few days.  I would also like to say a massive thank you to Josh Allsopp for designing my Kates Kloths logo, I love my needle K’s.

Why a dandelion?

Let’s go back in time…… I am a little girl sitting in a field; in my hand I hold a dandelion clock. I blow, one o’clock; I blow again, two o’clock, I blow again, three o’clock and before you know it six o’clock arrives. Life with a chronic illness can often feel like it is passing by and there is no time to stop and reflect. I am making changes in my life to accommodate my illness to make sure that time does not fly by.

The dandelion epitomises time.  Time flies by. It is time for reflection.  It is time for change.  It is time for new beginnings. No time like the present……..

Can you remember the fabric I wrapped up in rusty old tools a few weeks ago? (you can read about this on my blog – Foraging – Beasties & Treasure ). Well I washed these out and here are the results.

I am so pleased that I over-dyed the wishy-washy natural dyed colours as the results are so richly coloured.  I have been working with scraps of fabric therefore I used some of  these fabrics to create background surfaces which were then used for a collection of three dandelion sketch embroideries that are quite significant at this moment in time.

Finding a rusty key on the shore of the lake started all of the rust dyeing.  Well my rusty key has left faint marks on the fabric, I have not worked with this yet… I do believe that finding this key has provided me with the opportunity to open many different doors I have just had to open my mind to find them.  Even though they are faint and sometimes hard to see, if you look hard enough they are there and you will eventually find them.







Here are some close ups of my dandelion sketch embroideries.

4 thoughts on “Rusty Dandelions”

  1. Enjoyed your blog it shows how resilient and resourceful I’m confident that you will succeed,best wishes for all your future endeavours ?

  2. You’ve really made a lovely revamp of your blog ?. I love dandelion clocks too, and think that the hand-dyed fabric sets off the effect of the beautiful embroidery. Who (except you) could have created such a rich brown fabric, complete with darker spots, from wrapping it around rusty tools?! Absolute genius.

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