Melancholy and Friends Reunited

I am not feeling particularly well at the moment with my dizziness and balance disorder.  Doctors are trialling different medication but it is taking a while to kick in and the side effects are not helping but I have to plod on and just take my time – that is the difficult bit when I am used to flying around at one hundred miles an hour.

Anyway I have come on here to tell you about how today I have been reunited with two long lost friends so to speak.

My old faithful Huskavana sewing machine was on deaths door and my mother in law took it away a couple of weeks ago and gave it to the sewing machine guy who is based in Ellington.  My father in law arrived at my house this morning with my old faithful 🙂 This has made my day.  So this morning I have tested it out.  I have joined strips – thats it – just strips!  One lot of purple and green and one of pink and turquoise but it was lovely to spend a bit of time again with my old friend. I now have a bit of free machine embroidery and quilting to do on this fabric…..

Yesterday I had to return to school one last time to collect my personal belongings. Today an air of melancholy has surrounded me as I started to look through some of my things.  I have not managed to sort out very much because I was reunited with the second friend of the day:

This is a book I wrote, or started to write about ten years ago and I did not do anything with it 🙁

This is a collaboration of my workshops that I deliver; there are quite a lot. It is a series of simple creative embroidery projects that include a range of techniques from trapping and bonding, french knots, textures and tucks, freely embroidered circles to weaving. Back then I did not have a platform to share this but now I have my blog and I can share some of these ideas on my web site – but there is nothing like a face to face workshop to learn new techniques so the best thing to do is to get in touch with me and arrange for me to deliver a workshop 🙂

Well I just wanted to share my two friends with you this afternoon.  

Oh and by the way the rust is working its magic – here is a quick update:

I will share the final results with you soon 🙂















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  1. I am so glad I have found your website! I attended one of your short courses many many moons ago. I used to regularly frequent your store in Blyth. I still have some of your hand dyed fabrics. I have been trying to track you down off and on for a few years 🙂

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