Therapy Cushion

Well summer is finally over. I am back to work and buried under a massive pile of work so I have decided to crawl out of the work mass and share with you a project that I completed over the summer. I realise it has been a while since my last post but I have spent most if August in the Lake District in my bolt hole with minimum internet or telephone reception, pure bliss.  The peace and tranquility has been fantastic, it is such a shame I have to go to work.

My very good friend Cath works with stroke patients. Our caravans are on the same site however we live in opposite corners of the country therefore the time we spend together is treasured and our children have grown up to be great friends over many years. Anyway back to Cath, she messaged me over the summer to ask if I would have my sewing machine at the caravan as she had a challenge for me….. She was finding that one of the things patients struggle with is fastening clothes and she wanted me to make a therapy cushion for her male patients.  We started this task with a shopping trip – charity shops for men’s clothes and then gift shops, clothes shopping and lunch for us, win win.

Equipped with a mans shirt and a pair of trousers we waited for a cloudy afternoon and then got started. I used the front of the shirt for one side of the cushion to enable to patients to practice fastening shirt buttons and pocket buttons and then used the top of the trousers for the other side for zip and button rehabilitation.  As the cover needed to be removable for washing I used the shirt fastening as an opening to allow easy removal of the cushion.


As you can see the end product was successful and has been used many times already in the hospital.  I am sure she will be requiring a one for the ladies next……..