Canvas work Embroidery

At work this week there were a couple of colleagues leaving who had helped out over my sick leave. I really wanted to give them a small gift as a way of saying Thank you.  I would like to share with you the gift cards I made for these colleagues.

Embroidery on CanvasCanvas can be a brilliant background fabric for small projects as it is stiff and easy to handle however the stark whiteness can often put people off using this fabric.  By colouring the canvas it can be used for free embroidery as you do not have to cover all of the background.  I colour the canvas using silk paints as these are colourfast once pressed with a hot iron.  When canvas is wet the stiffener used in the fabric sizing softens and the canvas will quickly lose its shape therefore the canvas must be pinned out into position onto a board to prevent any distortion.  Once prepared the canvas may be painted with the silk paint, this must be then left to dry thoroughly then it can be unpinned and pressed.

Small flowers embroidered onto painted canvas
Small flowers embroidered onto painted canvas




This gift card was embroidered onto hand painted canvas using rayon and cotton embroidery threads.  The stems are embroidered using straight stitches, the flower petals are bullion knots and the flower centres are french knots.






Daisy embroidered onto hand paintd canvas
Daisy embroidered onto hand painted canvas




The daisy in this gift card was embroidered using cotton embroidery thread.  The petals are embroidered with pistil stitch and the flower centre is  embroidered with french knots.