Albert Einstein said “creativity is intelligence having fun” and that is exactly what my workshops are – FUN. The importance of creative embroidery and textile art is to play with colour, texture and stitches and to experiment.  There is no such thing as a mistake, these are learning curves.  Creativity is therapy for the mind.
Whether you want to learn how to sew a French Knot, appliqué fabrics or make bags I can design and deliver a workshop for you.  I am a qualified textiles teacher; I have delivered adult education courses in Dressmaking, Soft Furnishings and Creative Embroidery and I have delivered Key Stage 2 lessons, Key Stage 3 curriculum, GCSE and A level in Textiles Technology and Art and Design Textiles.
I can offer a variety of workshops for all ages and abilities.
Please contact me to discover a whole new world of textile art.
Here are some of the workshops that have been popular  – please get in touch if you are interested in any of these or if you would like to create you own that would be fantastic.

Encrusted Surfaces

Learn how to create textured surfaces through using fabric scraps and layering techniques and then encrust this with simple stitches using textured yarns and threads.

For more information about Encrusted Surfaces workshop click here

French Knot Fantasy

A workshop dedicated to the beauty and texture of this one stitch. Through changing the thicknesses of the thread this stitch can create an array of pattern.  You will master this stitch and master the mindfulness and wonder of French Knots.

For more information about French Knot Fantasy workshop click here

Wax Lyrical

Transform plain fabrics with this fun surface decorative technique using wax crayons and bondaweb. Within this workshop you will also be encouraged to add additional surface decoration using simple hand embroidery.

For more information about Wax Lyrical workshop click here

To Dye For

From tie dye to variegated yarns, this workshop is dedicated to teaching you how to achieve space dyed natural fabrics and threads using procion dyes.

For more information about To Dye For workshop click here

Freely Embroidered Circles

This is a simple workshop that is based on a couched technique.  Using textured yarns and simple hand embroidery this freely embroidered circle can be completed in a workshop.

For more information about Freely Embroidered Circles workshop click here

Textures & Tucks

Learn how to manipulate fabrics to create surface texture using a range of fabrics and threads and different manipulation techniques to produce a textured piece of work.

For more information about Textures and Tucks workshop click here

Mini Art Quilt

Learn how to make a mini art quit by using your fabric scraps creatively.  Learn how to make a fabric from strips.  Use free motion quilting and free machine embroidery to create a piece art.

For more information about Mini Art Quilt workshop click here

Creative Hand Embroidery

This workshop will introduce you to basic hand embroidery stitches and how to use them creatively.  You will learn how to use a range of textured threads and yarns to create hand embroidered flowers.

For more information about Creative Hand Embroidery workshop click here

From Fragments to Flowers

This workshop is dedicated to free machine embroidery.  You will learn how to produce textured fabrics with mixed media and then embellish these with free machine embroidered flowers.

For more information about From Fragments to Flowers workshop click here