Please  see Information below that is required when ordering a Keepsake Bear from Kates Kloths.  Once you complete the order form, I will contact you with further information with regards to how to send your clothes and payment details. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries with regards to the Keepsake Bears.

What kind of fabric or clothing can be used?

Most light/medium weight fabrics can be be used for your Keepsake Bear.  Ideal fabrics include baby grows, t-shirts, vests, pyjamas, dresses without layers, trousers and shirts.

All clothes must be clean but not necessarily ironed.

Fabrics to avoid are heavy weight jeans, hand knitted cardigans and jumpers, thick jackets, layered/frilly dresses, transparent fabrics, socks, hats, tights and leather.

Please note that each fabric has different properties and these will create different shaped bears making each one unique. If you have any queries regarding these fabrics please contact me.

Will details from the clothing be included in your Keepsake Bear design? 

I will try to incorporate clothing appliques, embroidery and specific prints within your bear.  If you would like specific parts included please send details with your clothing to identify which are most important to you.


Each bear costs £45

Personalisation – Free-motion machine embroidered words/names .  Each foot can take up to three short names (max 8 letters each). Each name/ line is £1.50. Date of Birth £3.00

(Please contact me if you have any queries with regards to personalisation)

Postage and packaging £5.00.

How many clothes do you need to send? 

Young Baby (0-6month) –  6-8 items of clothing

Older Baby (6-18 months) – 4-5 items of clothing

Toddler /Adult – 1-4 items of clothing – this depend on the size of the garments,  a range of clothing adds more interest to the Keepsake Bear

Terms and conditions  

Prices are indicated with additional costs for personalisation and delivery,  these can be added when ordering your Keepsake Bear.

Items must be paid for upon receipt of clothing.  I can accept Paypal, bank transfer or cheque.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have placed and order, this will include all the necessary information you will need to send me your precious clothes.

When selecting clothes please refer to the section on ‘what kind of fabric and clothing can be used’. Please make sure that clothes are clean and unstained.  If you send any items that are  unsuitable I will contact you.  If you require any further advise or guidance on fabrics please contact me. If there are specific prints or motifs you wish to be included in your design please note this when you send your clothes. Please send your clothes recorded or special delivery or courier, something that you can track in a secure parcel. I cannot accept liability for lost or damaged clothing. I do not keep or send back pieces of clothing. If I need more items of clothing I will contact you to send more items.

Once your clothes have been delivered to me I will email you a confirmation, please ensure you send me the correct email address.  Once the clothes have been delivered you have the right to cancel your order and request a refund however once I have started to make your order it is non refundable.  Under the distance selling regulations you have 14 days from placing your order to cancel, should you decide to cancel your order you must inform me as soon as possible, please note that you will be charge £5.00 postage and packaging for your clothes to be returned.  Orders will be dispatched within 8 weeks from receipt of clothing.

As Keepsake Bears are made to order and designed specifically for you they are non refundable.  Refunds can only be made if a mistake has been made by Kates Kloths.  Al items are bespoke and handmade with your own fabrics therefore each bear will be unique and may be slightly different than the images on my website due to the different characteristics of every fabric that you send. Each bear is made to order therefore I am unable to offer a refund once the bear is completed. If you are unhappy with your bear please contact me as soon as possible to discuss this further.


To order please complete the following order form:

Keepsake Bear Order Form

Keepsake Bear Order Form

If you require a personalised bear please complete the following. If you have any quiries with regards to this please contact me.

Once I receive your order I will contact you with details on payment methods and information on how to send me your clothes.

Thank you 🙂