Foraging – Beasties and Treasure

I have not posted for a while but I have been extremely busy, well that should really say I have been extremely dizzy 🙁 Unfortunately over the last few months I have struggled with my balance and this has been awfully debilitating however I am trying hard to push myself forward.

One thing I love to do is walk in the woods and look at the flowers so I decided to do a bit of foraging and have a go at natural dyeing – a bit of a change for me; but as they say a change is as good as a rest.  So off I set for my foraging walk, pockets bulging with poo bags and a rucksack to collect my findings.  Here is what I found.

Once I got back I unpacked my collections and added beasties. I have experimented with different mordants and different natural products.  The whole process is messy, smelly and unpredictable.

My thoughts about natural dyeing:

I had a lovely walk 🙂

I took some beautiful inspirational photographs for my embroidery.

I love nature but I love my procion dyes 🙂 I like to have control of the colours and blends that I am creating.

SO…… on reflection I decided that all was not lost. I went for another walk and contemplated what i was going to do next. I am currently working on a collection of work that is sepia in colour so I decided that I would try my hand at rust dyeing.

I was a bit blown away with what happened next.  I was standing by the edge of the lake throwing a stick for the dog when I looked down and saw this ……

Treasure – Rusty Key by the Lake

What!!!??? A piece of treasure. Well this definitely means I have to have a go at this.

My good old dad has been into his garage and found me a collection of rusty items and I have selected some of the paler natural dyed fabrics and some undyed fabrics.  Rusty parcels have been made and all I  have to do now is wait ….

Watch this space.  I will show you the results soon.



3 thoughts on “Foraging – Beasties and Treasure”

    1. Lovely to hear from you x. I can’t wait to see the results either but I will definitely share my next project soon x

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